The Program

How It Works

Member Student Lending is a modern loan participation network built on the collective and cooperative power of credit unions nationwide. Through its common underwriting and pricing, it is the first student loan program making the benefits of credit union products and membership accessible to student borrowers, graduates, and their families.

OUR CREDIT POLICY The credit policy, including all underwriting and pricing, are democratically created and chosen by participating members of the CUSO.

YOUR BALANCE SHEET You fund the loans and benefit from loan diversification including nationwide loans, fixed and variable rates, multiple terms, access to young members, and mitigated risk through modern loan participations.

SHARED PARTICIPATION Our advanced technology platform allows for equally weighted loan participations amongst program participants that are processed in real-time.

SERVE MEMBERS, CREATE MEMBERS In addition to servicing the needs of your existing members, our national reach and relationships with over 400 university financial aid offices helps drive younger members for our participating credit unions. If you are not interested in originating your own loans but still want to refer your members to a credit union managed student loan program; we have a referral partner program! Email us for more information on our referral program.

Private Student Loans

This program uses common underwriting and pricing to offer one of the most competitive private student loan programs in the nation. Over 180 credit unions have funded over $450 million in originations, with an average loan size of $12,500. The network has generated over 20,000 new credit union members by aggregating capital and leveraging the collective field-of-membership of all participating credit unions.

Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing

Started in 2011, student loan refinancing and consolidation began as an extension of the private student loan program. Consolidation loans provide a significant revenue stream for credit unions with over $900 million originations and an average loan size of $45,000.   Additionally, over 100 credit union partners in the program continue to serve over 20,000 young adults for a potential lifetime of borrowing.

Email us to join our program or for more information.